‎L'Auditori at home presents a selection of free concerts so you can enjoy music from the ‎comfort of your sofa.

Concerts by the OBC at the Sagrada Família and at L'Auditori, shows for children plus jazz and ‎contemporary music can all be seen, for free, on L'Auditori’s new digital platform. The portal ‎will gradually be scaled up with new content that will help keep you entertained during these ‎days of confinement.‎

So that music and culture reach the greatest number of people possible, and in order to ‎make lockdown more tolerable, L'Auditori has created an area on its website that makes ‎‎free audiovisual content available to everyone, typical of the range of ‎activities developed at L’Auditori. ‎

'L'Auditori at home' presents a selection of complete ‎concerts that will progressively be added to over the coming days and that will ‎enable you to relive some of our most outstanding moments, such as the concert by ‎the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra at the Sagrada Família that introduced us to ‎Kazushi Ono, the orchestra’s principal conductor, the Beach Concert, and ‎the performance of the Spring Symphony by Robert ‎Schumann. In addition to these concerts there will also be memorable ‎excerpts from great works of the symphonic repertoire played by the OBC that ‎were recorded as part of the Televisió de Catalunya’s Ets música TV programme. ‎

Also, we will soon be bringing you the last Christmas Concert by the ‎‎Barcelona Symphony Band, L'Auditori’s other great orchestra, that took ‎place in December in Sala 1 Pau Casals.‎

These are difficult days for everyone, but especially for the youngest amongst us. In light of ‎this, ‘L'Auditori at home’ will make it possible for all the family to enjoy several of ‎‎L'Auditori’s family shows developed by the Servei Educatiu (Educational ‎Service). Together, you can view some of the well-established favourites from our ‎programme, such as Pica-So and Sonets de ‎joguina, and also L'Auditori’s latest family show Out of the ‎‎[Cage], that was premiered just days before lockdown started. ‎

And the jazz lovers amongst you will also have your space on this platform ‎with Consagració (Rite), a reinterpretation in a modern key of ‎Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring that L'Auditori commissioned the ‎‎Néstor Giménez Orchestra to create.‎

In the new music section, you can connect with the ‎‎IN·SIDE initiative, where various musicians associated with ‎‎L'Auditori’s Sampler Sèries have joined forces to offer concerts from their ‎homes, including Pablo Carrascosa, this season’s guest composer, and ‎‎Luis Codera, the 2016-17 season’s guest composer.‎

‎‘L'Auditori at home’ audiovisual offerings are in addition to other initiatives ‎that L'Auditori is implementing to ensure that no-one is deprived of music and culture during ‎these days of quarantine, such as L'Auditori’s ‎Coronalist, with all the music that was supposed to have been performed at ‎L'Auditori but which now won’t be able to take place owing to the concert cancellations, and ‎the ‎video, to wash your hands to using the rhythm of Beethoven’s Fifth.‎

Access ‘L'Auditori at ‎home’ via this link.‎

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